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(Last updated 2017/4/17.)

A small but eclectic collection of miscellaneous information that might be of use or of interest to someone somewhere, possibly.

Sections: Dance, Food, Computer Info', Computer Programs, Artwork, Photography Advice, Misc things which don't fit anywhere else.


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Does this page style look too bland to you? Many of the proof-of-concept and publicity demo websites I have made at work contain not just graphics, movement and interaction but even interaction with peripherals such as radio tag readers, video switches and room lighting controls! However the purpose of this site is to provide useful and entertaining information so I have deliberately put no unnecessary graphics or gimmicks on this site (other than artworks where the graphics and gimmicks are the core material), just information. This is unlike the plethora of highly decorative but tedious to navigate commercial sites and garbage filled personal pages that are so fashionable thesedays.

If you have any comments, or if you want to be notified of updates to this site, contact me.