Academic Publications

This are not intended to be a comprehensive CV bibliography for me (for job or grant applications), but my most useful academic publication bits put online for others to use.

I am only starting going back through the archives, so this is VERY incomplete at present. It will probably take me many years to get them all online, especially those that only exist in print form from early 1990s. But all the publications I intend to put here were fundamental science so they will still be valid and useful despite their age. In my own PhD research, an 1831 paper from Maxwell was vital!

Haptic displays

(Often misnamed "tactile displays".)

Computer output & Internet transmission of the human sense of touch. Much for blind users and involving human studies with psychologists to find out the fundamentals of the human sense and what works.

Currently there is only my MSc thesis uploaded . However that covers much more, & and in a much more readable style, than any of my formal papers on individual aspects of the subject.

Bubble acoustics

The papers were literally mostly produced on paper so a lot of scanning will be needed.

Currently there is only my PhD thesis uploaded and only in PDF format without ALT-text yet. However that all the useful information in all my individual papers on the subject and is written somewhat like a novel rather than dry.

Computational biochemistry

My most cited paper by far is the metric of tetrahedrality of water structure at the molecular level. It has become the standard in the field. That is even though I just invented the measure for a friend who needed, I invented it whilst cycling to work (he wrote the paper) & don't have any biology qualifications at all, not even an O-level/GCSE. However the official published version is pay-walled. I will look into creating a preprint sometime. I hate the commercialisation of academic publication. It was one of the reasons I got out of academia after my PhD.