Privacy Policy

This site does not collect much personal data about the people who use it (certainly not much compared to big commercial ones like Amazon, eBay, Facebook or Google!). A summary follows:


Although I have not explicitly used any cookies, the administrators of server on which which this website current resides have set it to set & request cookies. As far as I know, the only use to which it is put is to count visitors (i.e. distinguish one visitor who downloads ten pages from ten visitors who download one page each) for the web site usage report statics.

Log Files

I download and keep the log files (they appear to me to be normal default-setting Apache log files) from the server for this website but I anonymise them by removing the IP addresses from them (the IP addresses can be used identify the network provider, usually identify an approximate geographic location and sometimes even (if it is on static IP addressing) a particular computer).

Server Statistics

I occasionally get a statistical analysis & summary of the website activity (based on the recent server that are still on the server) which I use to check for things like broken links to this site, which pages are most popular (& therefore I should update most urgently) and how close I am to blowing the server bandwidth limit.

Contact Information

If you use the contact form, what you write is sent to me as an email so, as with normal email, it gives me the information you send me. It also includes your client IP address and, as some writers forget to specify which page they are writing anent, the HTTP referrer Id. Indeed, it is slightly more private than a normal email because the mail headers will refer to the program on this site as the sending program instead of identifying your email client.