Forthcoming (possibly) on this Site

There are always more things I ought to have written up and published (there is still one academic paper of mine almost but not quite ready for publication from 23 years ago!). Here are some of the things in my list of possible things I would like to, or have been asked to, add to this website. I might sometime get around to doing some of them.

Academic papers & theses
I should publish reprints here as some of them would be useful to some people and not all are available on other WWW sites. However some of the papers are not in HTML (or even computer formats at all as journals used to prefer plain text with separate pictures for them to typeset), my PhD thesis has been converted to HTML but would need ALT-text written for 112 illustrations and I still have not published all the papers from it so it will be quite a long time before I get around to that.
Art photography gallery
I have made a thousand or more artistic photographs. Friends & colleagues have suggested that I put them on the WWW for others to enjoy. All of them I have already named, some of them I have written captions for & the program I wrote years ago for making thumbnail indexed CDs of holiday photographs for friends essentially produces a website (the CDs are indexed in HTML). It is a big job though simply because of the huge numbers, the amount of captioning needed for the remainder and the amount of recaptioning & renaming needed so they do not give away private information (friends' names etc.). Also, the web is awash with photographs and, even though only a small fraction are artistic, there are already way more artistic photographs than a human could look at even for just a second each in their lifetime.
Artwork sets
I have made various bits of artwork scattered across different media (drawings, abstracts, Geomag geometry, fabric...). I could put photographs/scans of some of those here but mostly the same glut problem applies as photographs plus would strangers really enjoy seeing them or would it just be vanity?
Movie reviews
I have written several hundred of them which I could put on the WWW but it would need proofreading and writing a program to convert to linked up HTML with spoilers removed. It would also look awfully nerdy :-) .
Opinion (philosophy, economics, morality, law, politics etc.)
I.e. the normal sort of stuff one moans to friends about, which people used to put on blogs or personal websites and with now they put on Facebook. It would probably bore everyone else and my opinions are rather a non-standard mix so I would be bound to include something to offend almost everyone so maybe this is better left off the site. Besides, I still not come across any solutions that are optimally benevolent, stable & implementable for the most serious things so most of the essays would, after pointing the logical flaws in existing answers, end with "don't know" anyway.