Christmas Card 1991

Man riding a fish down a street

My card for 1991 was a felt-tip pen sketch of a man riding a fish down a street.

The choice of a fish was just because a fish is the traditional default surrealistic item in the UK. That it is a Christian symbol on a Christmas card is pure coincidence.

The street in the background is based on a photograph of Bridge Street in Cambridge, UK, but with the shop names & displays changed for humour (e.g. to "Specialist Lemon Arrangers").

As traditional for artworks, I signed it (albeit hidden in a shop sign) but it might be risky to put ones signature on ones website so, when scanning it for the WWW, I edited that to just my name.


Card assembly instructions to duplicate the original (other than the signature):

  1. Get the high resolution full card scan printed using a laser printer (or print once and duplicate by photocopier) on the bottom half of a portrait orientation sheet of A4 160 g/m2 white cardboard.
  2. Fold the printed cardboard into an A5 greetings card with one straight crease.

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