Christmas Card 1993

Quick Chinese style brush painting

My cards for 1993 were quick poster-paint (gouache) paintings in a vaguely Chinese style. Unlike any of my card sets before or since, I did the picture on each card by hand rather than by mechanical (photocopier, photography, computer printer etc.) duplication. I painted them in 1993 based on a more detailed version I did in 1992.

From the responses I had to previous years' pictures, I realised that the art rather than the humour was what people liked in my cards so I painted pictures on cards that year. As I made 40 of them, I needed something that I could paint or draw quickly. The year before I had painted one simple mock-Chinese picture of a person fishing when I saw examples from a Chinese painting course my mother was on. I realised that, as the technique was based on simplification & quick brush strokes, I could simplify the picture further and do it quickly in bulk. I added the mass-production technique of doing the same part of each card together rather than one card at a time (this also allowed drying time between colours). I spread the blank cards around my bedsit on the floor, desk and any other available surfaces and started speed-painting. The 40 cards took only 2 hours.

Of course the exact picture varied between cards. The scanned is the one I kept for myself for reference and is representative, neither the best nor worst, of the set. I have edited out the crease-marks that resulted from the fold on the left hand edge.


Card assembly instructions to duplicate the original (well, but to produce a printed copy that is; to really duplicate the original, you would need to get painting!):

  1. Get the high resolution full card scan printed using a laser printer (or print once and duplicate by photocopier) on the right half of a landscape orientation sheet of A4 160 g/m2 white cardboard.
  2. Fold the printed cardboard into an A5 greetings card with one straight crease.

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