Christmas Card 1994

Sketch of a house

My card for 1994 was a felt-tip pen sketch I had made of a house in a garden in the summer of 1994. It was a house that had been cut into student bedsits as part of Corpus's Leckhampton complex (combined college gardens & postgraduate campus), Cambridge, UK.

Christmas Card 1994 Back

Impressionist sketch of Pont Neuf & Ile de la Cité seen from Pont des Arts

On the back, to fill some space, I put a small scale copy of another sketch I made. It is an impressionist style felt-tip pen sketch of the view of Pont Neuf & Ile de la Cité seen from Pont des Arts in Paris, France in 1994. It turned out to be more popular than the intended main sketch which I had put on the front, became my most popular drawing and copies were put on a couple of my friends' walls!

Ironically, I had originally made the drawing as a parody! When on holiday in Paris I had seen much impressionist art, particularly in the Orsay Museum, and was not impressed with most of it. To me most of the paintings looked simply like normal paintings but made worse by being cursorily done with lots of detail missed out (often like an out of focus photograph). On my last day there, just before going to catch the coach back to the UK, I had a little time left in the city centre so I went to a stereotypical spot for doing drawings, Pont des Arts, and had a go at a impressionist style drawing. I had never tried impressionism before so I used the simple trick of drawing very rapidly (I only had 20 min available) so there was not time for detail. I also used cartoon-like perspective (magnifying the items humans fixate on: in reality the background buildings appeared much smaller relative to the foreground). This is the result. For the card I reduced it in size (above has been remagnified) to make it obvious which was the front of the card and added a border so that it did not look lonely floating in a mass of white at that size.

As traditional for artworks, I signed it but it might be risky to put ones signature on ones website so, when scanning it for the WWW, I edited that to just my name.


Card assembly instructions to duplicate the original (other than the signature):

  1. Get the high resolution full card scan printed using a laser printer (or print once and duplicate by photocopier) on A4 160 g/m2 white cardboard.
  2. Fold the printed cardboard into an A5 greetings card with one straight crease.

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