Christmas Card 2013

Border top
Border left Lincoln Cathedral - St. Gilbert's memorial candles - with single votive candle in front tray Border right
Border bottom

My photograph for 2013 was of a single candle in a large tub, with other large & unusual individual candle holders behind, in a cathedral. It was St. Gilbert's shrine in Lincoln Cathedral. St. Gilbert was the founder of the only Medieval monastic order to be founded in England and the only monastic order to include both men & women (albeit segregated). The reason for the unusual misshapen but large & strong-looking candle holders is in reference to St. Gilbert himself who was physically disabled (which is why he was sent into theology instead of becoming a knight) yet lived to over a hundred.

That, like last year, it is of a single candle is a coincidence. Even more of a coincidence was that it was also a memorial candle to the very same person, the friend of mine who inspired/chose the photographs for my annual cards from 2006-2011 but who died in 2012 & so now has lead to 2 more cards post-mortem! How this came about was that I was on a holiday break visiting Lincoln with its impressive Gothic cathedral (which was the tallest building in the world for a period of over 200 years). I went to take a photograph of that unusual shrine but it was lacking foreground. The central front votive candle tub was empty of candles (& the cathedral almost empty of people!) so I put one in. As is such candles are used for memorials to the dead & my deceased friend used to put such candles up in churches she visited, I dedicated it to her. As for how that particular photograph became my card for this year, it was democratic. After she died several friends spontaneously volunteered to help me choose my card photographs. From my 2013 photographs, they chose that one purely on appearance not knowing of the connection. Even it being St. Gilbert was coincidentally appropriate: she was disabled with a strong character and had tried to unite a men-only & a women-only religious (neopagan) factions.

Camera = Panasonic TZ5.

The border was a duplicate of last year's.


Card assembly instructions to duplicate the original:

  1. Get the full resolution photograph printed at 6"x4.5" on photographic paper.
  2. Print the border using a laser printer (or print once and duplicate by photocopier) on A4 160 g/m2 white cardboard.
  3. Fold the printed cardboard into an A5 greetings card with one straight crease.
  4. Glue (or double sided selotape or similar) the photograph to the card in the correct orientation. Take care not to make the photograph too soggy.

Printing the border & photograph together on a colour printer does not give as good results (neither home laser nor inkjet printers have yet reached photographic printing quality). It also costs more (because of the ridiculous current price of printer ink) and gives a more mass-produced look.

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