Christmas Card 2021

Border top
Border left Moon and sailing ship rigging in evening blue sky, The Endeavour (scale replica), Whitby Border right
Border bottom

My photograph for 2021 was of the moon shortly before sunset behind the silhouetted rigging of a sailing ship. The ship was a scale replica of The Endeavour in Whitby. Unlike last year's photograph which was taken years beforehand, this was freshly taken in 2021.

Camera = Panasonic TZ35.

The border was a duplicate of last year's.


Card assembly instructions to duplicate the original:

  1. Get the full resolution photograph printed at 6"x4.5" on photographic paper.
  2. Print the border using a laser printer (or print once and duplicate by photocopier) on A4 160 g/m2 white cardboard.
  3. Fold the printed cardboard into an A5 greetings card with one straight crease.
  4. Glue (or double sided selotape or similar) the photograph to the card in the correct orientation. Take care not to make the photograph too soggy.

Printing the border & photograph together on a normal colour printer does not give as good results and gives a more mass-produced look.

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