Rainbow Labyrinths

These are rather boring but I ought to include these trivial labyrinths for completeness. If you have jumped straight to this page then I suggest you go up to the Rainbow Labyrinth Gallery home page and look at a more interesting gallery before giving up.

Spiral Labyrinth

Spiral labyrinth 8 circuits spectrum

The most trivial of non-null labyrinths. Colourful but not interesting.

Spiral Labyrinth on White

Spiral labyrinth 8 circuits spectrum white wall

Looks jollier with a white wall/background but still not interesting.

Spiral Labyrinth with More Circuits

Spiral labyrinth 32 circuits spectrum

Even less interesting with more circuits.

Alternating Labyrinth

Alternating labyrinth spectrum narrow path.png

The most trivial labyrinth that changes direction. It simply reverses direction into the next circuit inwards at the end of each circuit. Less boring than the spiral but not as good as any of the historically popular labyrinths (Cretan, Roman & Medieval).

Alternating Meander

Alternating meander spectrum narrow path

The spiral labyrinth can't even be unrolled to a meander in the standard way because it lacks any radial wall from the outside to the centre. The alternating labyrinth can be unrolled but the result is a very boring simple zig-zag which is, of course, the most trivial non-null meander.


Spiral labyrinth, 8 circuits Spiral labyrinth 8 circuits template
Spiral labyrinth, 32 circuits Spiral labyrinth 32 circuits template
Alternating labyrinth Alternating labyrinth template
Alternating meander Alternating meander template

More Rainbow Labyrinths

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