Brîulet vîlcean

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Alternative Names 'Brîulet vîlcean' is the original spelling.
'Briulet vilcean' is it reduced to ASCII by missing off the accent.
'Briulet vulcean' is an alternative English transcription in use (as 'î' is the neutral vowel for which English has no specific letter).
Formation Open circle, basketweave hold.
Dance Structure (A + B) x 4
Music Structure 4 counts/bar, 4 bar phrases.
Music Speed Music Parts 175 counts/min.
Source Sally Fletcher in Ipswich who learnt it from Silviu Ciuciumiş.

Disclaimer: Mistakes are quite likely in the notes and no guarantees are made as to accuracy. There may be other versions of the same dance or other dances with the same name. Music may differ, particularly in speed, introduction and duration, between performers. The division into parts, bars & counts might not be standard. Shouts are partly English phonetic Transcription and so may have spelling errors. These notes of the dance are freely distributable (under GPL or CC-by-sa) in so much as the note's author's contribution but the choreography and/or collection were by other people and so their copyright might apply to the dance itself. Better than using notes, go to a dance class where it is taught.

A simple lively running about type Romanian dance, optionally with call-response shouts.

It was possibly originally in belt hold ('bruil' = 'belt' or 'belt-dance') but not everyone turns up to social dancing wearing a belt so it is normally done in the UK in basketweave hold. My is

Style: Jolly. Running in Part A and brisk steps in Part B. Steps small to medium in length.


Summary: 8 bars.

Wait through 8 bars of music as introduction.

Part A

Summary: (Run in with R, L, R, L close touch. Ditto backwards out starting L. Repeat facing acw.) x 2.

Start Facing the centre of the circle.
1 R forwards running step.
2 L forwards running step.
3 R forwards running step.
4 L close without weight transfer.
Shout Leader shouts "Yowz Una!".
Feet Repeat bar 1 but on opposite feet running backwards (L backwards, R backwards, L backwards, R close without weight).
Shout Dancers other than the leader shout "Yowz Una!" in response.
3-4 Repeat bars 1-2 but facing acw around the circle (so it is running forwards acw then backward cw) with the shouts replaced with "Yowz Dua!".
5-6 Repeat bars 1-2 with the shouts replaced with "Yowz Trei!".
7-8 Repeat bars 3-4 with the shouts replaced with "Yowz Patru!".

Part B

Summary: (7 quick side steps in R, ditto L), ditto but 3s, out using (R stamp across, L in place, R close, L back) x 3. 4 bicycling lifts.

Start Facing 45 deg acw of the centre of the circle.
1 R small sidestep in.
& L close.
2-4 Repeat counts 1-1& 2.5 more times (so this bar in total is (R side, L close) x 3, R side).
2 Repeat bar 1 but on the opposite feet and facing 45 deg cw of the centre of the circle (in diagonally with (L side, R close) x 3, L side).
1-2 Repeat bar 1 counts 3-4 (in facing 45 acw with R side, L close, R side).
3-4 Repeat bar 2 counts 3-4 (in facing 45 cw with L side, R close, L side).
1 Facing the centre of the circle, R stamp hard & flat footed across infront with weight transfer.
2 L in place.
3 R close.
4 L backwards.
5 Repeat bar 4 (stamp R across, L, R close, L backwards).
6 Repeat bar 4 (stamp R across, L, R close, L backwards).
Feet R bicycling lift & step in place.
Shout Leader shouts "Una".
Feet L bicycling lift & step in place.
Shout Leader shouts "Dua".
8 Repeat bar 7 but replace the shouts with "Trei" & "Patru" respectively.

Performance Version

This was one of the dances Sally rearranged for the performance at Ipswich Balkan Blues event when our social Balkan dancing group were told at short notice that we were scheduled as performers, not as audience as we had thought. With little time for rehearsals she had to adapt social dances we had been doing into performance dances. The adaptation was to do it in two lines parallel to the direction to the audience facing eachother, to have the shouts & responses done by alternate lines and to edit the music down to 2 repeats.

It was done in basketweave hold not belt hold because not all the borrowed performance costumes had suitable belts.