Hakinor Hane'eman - Summary

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Region Israel
Formation Short lines. Shoulder hold.
Dance Structure (A + B) repeated throughout the music.
Music Structure 4 counts/bar, 8 bar phrases.
Introduction 8 bars.
Part A (R side, L across infront) x 4. R side, (L side, R across infront) x 3, pause. Forwards slow (L, R, L), R forwards, L back. 2 Cherkessias merging into 2 step 360 deg cw ending with clap.
Part B R side, pause, L across behind, R side. L brush forwards & round, 2 x tap across behind. Mirror all but 1st step slow instead of pause & replace taps with across infront touch, pause. Forwards slow (L, R), R forwards, L back. (R back raising L, R hand slap L thigh), mirror, original. Cherkessia, pause.
Alternative styling 1 Touch close instead of across infront in Part B bar 4 count 3.
Alternative styling 2 Do crossing steps with raised heels. Jump into the staccato step.
Source Vincent Parodi at Rivieradance 2016 in February 2016 in Torquay, UK.
Date Written 2016/4/13. Updated 2016/5/15.

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