Hora pojorenilor

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Formation Solo waistcoat hold then V-hold then W-hold.
Alternative Names It is a medley of 'Pădureţul', 'Huţulca' & 'Coşnencuţa'.
Reduced to ASCII, it is a medley of 'Paduretul', 'Hutulca' & 'Cosnencuta'.
Dance Structure (P1 + P2 + P1m + P2m) x 2 + ( (H1 + H1m) x 2 + H2) x 4 + (C1 x 2 + C2 + C2m) x 4.
Music Structure 4 counts/bar, 4 bar phrases except Parts P1 & P1m which are 8 bar phrases.
Music Speed 140 counts/min.
Region Detail Bucovina.
Source Sonia Dion & Cristian Florescu at Rivieradance in Torquay, UK, in 2013.

Disclaimer: Mistakes are quite likely in the notes and no guarantees are made as to accuracy. There may be other versions of the same dance or other dances with the same name. Music may differ, particularly in speed, introduction and duration, between performers. The division into parts, bars & counts might not be standard. These notes of the dance are freely distributable (under GPL or CC-by-sa) in so much as the note's author's contribution but the choreography and/or collection were by other people and so their copyright might apply to the dance itself. Better than using notes, go to a dance class where it is taught by Sonia Dion & Cristian Florescu.

A medley of 3 Romanian jolly dances, starting a with humorous looking walking one & all easy to follow.

For brevity, I have called the 3 component dances Part P (Pădureţul), Part H (Huţulca) & Part C (Coşnencuţa) in the step notes with numbers appended for the sub-Parts & 'm' for mirrored parts.

Note that what I count as 1 bar of 4 counts, the Sonia & Cristian notated as 2 bars of 2 counts. See their commercial notes for much more detail about the background of this dance that I have not copied here as it is material they sell. These notes are primarily based the dancing as I experienced it taught not their written notes (other than the spellings of the Romanian words).

Style: Casual & party-like but not big steps except in the travelling of Part C. & jolly. Upright, proud & fast. Light on the feet. Bouncy.


Summary: 1 bar.

Start dancing after a 1 bar introduction. This is unusual as Romanian dances usually have either the music of 2 sequences of dance or no introduction. Maybe this dance is different because the first sequence is so long or because it is a suite of dances.

Part P1

Summary: Waistcoat hold. 32 swaying smallish walking steps R starting R foot.

Start Facing acw around the circle. Waistcoat hold (not holding other people; hands holding lapel region of ones waistcoat (or pretending to if not wearing a waistcoat)).
1 R forwards in a smallish walking step whilst swaying to the R. Although the step is smallish (about 30cm) for the speed & the swaying gives a waddling look, it is definitely heel to toe not shuffling.
2 Repeat count 1 on the other foot (L forwards swaying L).
3-4 Repeat counts 1-3 (R & L steps with sways).
2-8 Repeat bar 1 7 more times (making 32 walking steps in total). Turn to face the centre of the circle in the last 2 steps.

Part P2

Summary: ((R Triple Step in place facing slightly L), mirror) x 3.5. R, L in place.

Start Facing the centre of the circle. Waistcoat hold.
1 Small R step to the side turning acw to face slightly L of the line to the centre of the circle.
& L close.
2 R in place.
& Pause. This half bar forms a quick Triple Step in place.
3-4& Repeat counts 1-2& in mirror image (L side turning slightly cw, R close, L in place, pause).
2-3 Repeat bar 1 (R & L Triple Steps in place) twice more.
1-2& Repeat bar 1 counts 1-2& (R Triple Step in place) (making 7 Triple Steps in total).
3 L in to the side.
4 R in place turning to face appropriately for the next Part.

Part P1m

Summary: Part P1 mirrored.

As Part P1 but in mirror image (32 swaying smallish walking steps L starting L foot).

Part P2m

Summary: Part P2 mirrored.

As Part P2 but in mirror image (7 Triple Steps in place starting L foot then R & L in place in preparation for the next Part).

Part H1

Summary: (Small lift R, step R & L close qqs) x 3, (bounce up down on both feet s) x 2.

Start Facing the centre of the circle. V-hold.
1 Small R lift in place. Bounciness emphasised by knee straightening slight bounce up on L foot at the same time.
& R side. Very lightly bending the L knee so has to have the slack for the next bounce up.
2 L close.
3-4 Repeat counts 1-2 (R lift in place & R side, L close).
1-2 Repeat bar counts 1-2 again (R lift in place & R side, L close).
3 Bounce up & down on spot with weight on both feet. The bounce is mainly from straightening & bending the knees slightly but heels can come slightly off the floor too.
4 Repeat count 3 (up down bounce).

Part H1m

Summary: Part H1 mirrored.

As Part H1 but in mirror image ((Small lift L, step L & R close) x 3, (bounce up down on both feet) x 2.).

Part H2

Summary: (Triple Step in R starting R ft, stamp), mirror, original without stamp, stamp L x 2. Out backwards on opposite feet. Counting shouts ("Şi" 1 to 3, "Hop şa") when going in.

Start Facing the centre of the circle. V-hold.
1 R forwards slightly to the R.
& L close.
2 R forwards slightly to the R.
& L stamp close flat footed without weight transfer.
Shout "Şi una!" (pronounced "Shee oo-nah!" in English).
Feet Repeat counts 1-2& on opposite feet (L Triple Step in slightly to L, R stamp touch).
Shout "Şi două!" (pronounced "Shee doe-ah!" in English).
Feet Repeat bar counts 1-2 but without the stamp (R Triple Step in slightly to R, pause).
Shout "Şi trei!" (pronounced "Shee tray!" in English).
3 L stamp close flat footed without weight transfer.
& Pause.
4-4& Repeat counts 3-3& (L stamp touch, pause).
Shout "Hop şa!" (pronounced "Hop shar!" in English).
3-4 Repeat bars 1-2 but going out backwards, on opposite feet & without the shouts. (L Triple Step back L & stamp, mirror, original without the stamp, R stamp touch x 2).

Part C1

Summary: (Slow R side, L close, R side, L lift leaning R. Mirror) x 1.75, R Triple Step in place.

Start Facing the centre of the circle. W-hold (or V-hold).
1 R to the side.
2 L close.
3 R to the side.
4 Lean to the R lifting L in place.
2 Repeat bar 1 in mirror image (L side, R close, L side, R lift leaning L).
3 Repeat bar 1 (R side, L close, R side, L lift leaning R).
1-2 Repeat bar 2 counts 1-2 (L side, R close).
3 R in place.
& L in place.
4 R in place.
& Pause.

Part C2

Summary: Travel R by (L hop, R side, L across infront, pause) x 7, (bounce up down on both feet) x 2.

Start Facing the centre of the circle. W-hold (or V-hold).
1 L hop raising R ft in place or slightly to the R.
& R to the side briskly.
2 L across infront briskly.
& Pause.
3-4& Repeat counts 1-2& (L hop, R side, L across infront, pause).
2-3 Repeat bar 1 (L hop, side, across, pause) x 4.
1-2& Repeat bar 1 counts 1-2& (so making 7 of the hop, side, across, pause travelling in total).
3-4 As Part H1 bar 2 counts 3-4 (bounce in place on both feet x 2).

Part C2m

Summary: Part C2m mirrored.

As Part C2 but in mirror image (Travel L by (R hop, L side, R across infront, pause) x 7, (bounce up down on both feet) x 2.).