Joc din Slatina

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Formation Open Circle. V-hold.
Dance Structure ((A x 2) + (B x 2) + (C x 2)) repeated to the end of the music.
Music Structure 4 counts/bar, 4 bar phrases.
Music Speed 190 counts/min.
Region Detail Valea Timocului.
Source Silviu CiuciumiƟ in the Zetten Balkan Festival, The Netherlands, in 2001 & 2002 and in Malhamdale, in the UK, in 2002.

Disclaimer: Mistakes are quite likely in the notes and no guarantees are made as to accuracy. There may be other versions of the same dance or other dances with the same name. Music may differ, particularly in speed, introduction and duration, between performers. The division into parts, bars & counts might not be standard. These notes of the dance are freely distributable (under GPL or CC-by-sa) in so much as the note's author's contribution but the choreography and/or collection were by other people and so their copyright might apply to the dance itself. Better than using notes, go to a dance class where it is taught by Silviu CiuciumiƟ.

This fast dance with lots of step hops to almost humorous jolly music. It does does not travel far so slower dancers can do it less energetically and not get left behind.

Other than the "3 & 4" triple stamps on the spot in Part C, it is simply one foot action per count. Although I count the music as 4 counts/bar & 4 bars/phrase, in Silviu's notes from Malhamdale the music is notated as 2 counts/bar & 8 bars/phrase. The verses in the music are 2 phrases long but do not repeat on a cycle of 3 so the Parts are not always danced to the same verses of music.

I have also come across the same music used for a Bulgarian dance but the music is Romanian, the name of the Bulgarian dance ('Arkanul' in transcription back into Latin alphabet) is Romanian dance name, the steps of Bulgarian dance are Romanian influenced (possibly a parody of Romanian style), the Romanian dance got into the UK repertouire a decade earlier and I prefer the Romanian dance anyway. Hence I've written up the Romanian version.

Style: Upright, proud & fast. Light on the feet. Bouncy.


Summary: 16 counts.

Start at the beginning of a 2 phrase verse (or the beginning of the music). Easiest musically is to at the start of the 3rd phrase but that requires omitting the first Part A so that subsquent switches between parts match up with the verse boundaries.

Part A

Summary: (R side, L across behind) x 2. R side forwards, hop. L forwards, hop. R back, hop. (L side, R across behind) x 2.5, L hop.

Start Facing centre of circle. V-hold.
1 R to the side onto heel.
2 L across behind.
3-4 Repeat counts 1-2 (R side, L across behind).
1 R forwards diagonally to the side.
2 R hop.
3 L forwards.
4 L hop.
1 L backwards.
2 L hop.
3 L to the side onto heel.
4 R across behind.
1-2 Repeat bar 3 counts 3-4 (L side, R across behind).
3 Repeat count 1 (L side).
4 L hop.

The side steps being onto heels are how I remembered it & wrote it down. Silviu's Malmhadale 2002 Romanotation notes have them as plain steps so the heel styling might have just been hamming up either in the teaching at the time or in my memory of it.

Part B

Summary: R forwards, L close, R forwards, hop. L across infront, hop, R backwards, hop. L backwards, R close, jump to L Klopka close, jump to R infront without weight. (Jump to R across infront leaning R, leap R close), mirror.

Start Facing centre of circle. V-hold.
1 R forwards.
2 L close.
3 R forwards.
4 R hop
1 L across infront.
2 L hop.
3 R backwards.
4 R hop.
1 L backwards.
2 R close.
3 Jump L close. Do the L close with clicking the L heel to the R heel (like a Russian a Klopka step) as one lands.
4 Jump in place landing with R infront close to the ground without weight.
1 Low jump onto both feet with R foot across infront with the R foot ball to the ground and leaning slightly to R.
3 R close in a low leap taking weight on R foot.
4 Repeat bar 1 counts 1-2 in mirror image on opposite feet (jump to both feet with L across infront with L lean, R leap close).

Silviu's Malmhadale 2002 Romanotation notes include a simpler alternative for Bar 3 counts 3-4: L close with a stamp then pause.

Part C

Summary: (R across infront, L side, R across behind, L side) x 1.5. In quick-quick-slow, R stamp close, L stamp, R stamp. Mirror all.

Start Facing centre of circle. V-hold.
1 R across infront.
2 L to the side.
3 R across behind.
4 L to the side.
1-2 Repeat bar 1 counts 1-2 (R across infront, L side).
3 R stamp close.
& L stamp in place.
4 R stamp in place.
3-4 Repeat bars 1-2 in mirror image (L across infront, R side, L across behind, R side, L across infront, R side, quick L stamp close, quick R stamp, L stamp).

The steps across behind (Grapvine-like) are how I remembered it & wrote it down. Silviu's Malmhadale 2002 Romanotation notes have them as just closing steps so the across behind styling might have just been hamming up either in the teaching at the time or in my memory of it.