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Alternative Names 'Лалица' is the original spelling.
'Lalica' is a Latin transcription by Yves.
'Lalitsa' is an English transcription.
Formation Open circle. W-hold.
Dance Structure ((A x 4) + (B x 2)) repeated throughout the music.
Music Structure 4 counts/bar, 9 beats/bar, 3 & 4 bar phrases.
Music Speed 145 counts/min.
Pronunciation Stress on first syllable.
Source Yves Moreau in his 2005 London workshop.

Disclaimer: Mistakes are quite likely in the notes and no guarantees are made as to accuracy. There may be other versions of the same dance or other dances with the same name. Music may differ, particularly in speed, introduction and duration, between performers. The division into parts, bars & counts might not be standard. These notes of the dance are freely distributable (under GPL or CC-by-sa) in so much as the note's author's contribution but the choreography and/or collection were by other people and so their copyright might apply to the dance itself. Better than using notes, go to a dance class where it is taught by Yves Moreau.

A very gentle slowish Bulgarian dance with a light happy tune.

According to Yves's written notes, it is dance of the 'Dajčovo' family from near Šumen that is danced at springtime.

Style: Light low flat steps with slightly bent knees to give a slightly earthy yet light feel. Carefree springtime happiness.


Summary: Start when singing starts.

There is 8 bars of instrumental music (of Part B) for the introduction. Start dancing when the singing starts immediately following that.

Part A

Summary: Sta Dhio R starting R side & L across behind. (Arms down & up) doing (R, L stamp, L, R stamp) in place.

Start Facing the centre of the circle. W-hold.
1 R to the side.
2 Pause.
3 L across behind.
4 R to the side.
1 Facing 45 deg cw of the direction to the centre of the circle, L across infront.
2 Pause.
3 R to the side acw around the circle.
4 L across infront.
1 Facing the centre of the circle, R in place.
2 L close with light stamp without weight transfer.
3-4 Repeat counts 1-2 in mirror image on opposite feet (L in place, R stamp without weight transfer).
Arms Arms smoothly & lightly cycle forwards horizontally (count 1), down to V-hold (counts 2-3) & back up to W-hold (count 4).

Part B

Summary: R & L Triple step (same rhythm as Sta Dhio) in. Ditto out.

Start Facing the centre of the circle. W-hold.
1 R forwards.
2 Pause.
3 L forwards.
4 R forwards.
2 Repeat bar 1 in mirror image on opposite feet (L Triple Step forwards).
3-4 Repeat bars 1-2 but travelling backwards (R & L Triple steps backwards) back to place on the circle.