March of the Mods - Summary

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Region Disco
Formation Lines travelling about the room. Lambeth Walk hold (hands on shoulders of the dancer infront).
Dance Structure Short sequence repeated throughout the music.
Music Structure 4 counts/bar, 4 bar phrases.
Whole Sequence L hop x 4 with R (across infront, side infront, across infront, close). Mirror. Jump forwards, pause, backwards, pause. Walk forwards R, L, R, L.
Source Glenys & Robin of CDC who did it as a novelty in an all-night joint-group dance marathon, 1994/11/25. Confirmation of steps & hold from a friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) in Ipswich, 2010/2/16.
Date Written 2009/8/14. Updated 2010/3/28, 2010/4/18 & 2012/5/22.

Disclaimer: Mistakes are quite likely in the notes and no guarantees are made as to accuracy (especially as this was typed up from brief notes 15 years earlier written a week after doing it just once & that being during an all-night dance marathon!). There are other versions of the same dance or other dances with the same name. Music may differ, particularly in speed, introduction and duration, between performers. The division into parts, bars & counts might not be standard. These notes of the dance are freely distributable (under GPL or CC-by-sa) in so much as the note's author's contribution but the choreography and/or collection were by other people and so their copyright might apply to the dance itself. Better than using notes, go to a dance class where it is taught.

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