Misirlou - Summary

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Region Greece
Formation Circle or open circle. V-hold
Dance Structure Single sequence repeated to the end of the music.
Music Structure 4 counts/bar, 8 bar phrases.
Whole Sequence R close facing centre, pause, L touch across infront, L swing around behind. L across behind, R side, L across infront facing R, R lift pivot to face L. Forwards R, L, R, lift left. Backwards on opposite feet.
Variations 1,2 & 3 Face acw when travelling cw, acw or both.
Variation 4 Fit in quick grapevines when travelling cw & acw.
Variation 5 R arm over own L shoulder when travelling.
Source Mainly from Sally Fletcher in Ipswich. Variations from Sally, Stefan Freedman, Jan Savage & Jill Waters (quick Grapevine) in Ipswich and Rowena Richards (arm over head) in Youlgrave. Tango styling from Jan. Laid back Greek styling from Dick van der Zwan at the Zetten 2002 Balkan Festival. Also done in many other places with many other people. Origin details summarised from texts by Dick Oakes ('Miserlou' on Phantom Ranch website) & Ricky Holden (republished as 'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About........ Miserlou ...But Were Afraid To Ask' republished in 'The Dancing Circle volume 2' ed. Judy King 'Greek Folk Dances' 1965 via 'The Grapevine' Winter 1994).
Date Written 2003/6/25. Updated 2007/10/6, 2011/6/12, 2011/10/9, 2015/5/31, 2015/6/1 & 2015/6/5. Typo corrections 2017/7/9 & 2019/8/18.

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