Neda Voda Nalivala - Summary

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Region Bulgaria
Dance Structure (Series of variations each repeated twice) repeated until the end of the music.
Formation Short lines (or open circle to fit room). W-hold.
Music Structure 5 counts/bar, 11 beats/bar, 2 bars/phrase, 4 phrases/verse.
Introduction None or start with melody.
Basic: Side to side R lift, R side, L across infront, R side, L across infront quick, L in place. Mirror.
Variation 1: In & out As Basic but travel in forwards instead of R & out backwards instead of L.
Variation 2: Three lifts As Basic but replace the first to walks of each half with 2 more lifts.
Variation 3: Grapevine & brush Grapevine (starting R side, L across infront), R side quick, L brush. Mirror.
Variation 4: In & out with leap As Variation 1 (in & out) but bar 1 final counts leap forwards & bar 2 count 1 lift high across.
Variation 5: Quick steps (R side quick, L close quick) x 4.5. L heel infront touch. Mirror.
Variation 6: Three lifts hopping As Variation 3 (three lifts) but hop during lifts.
Variation 7: Three lifts turning As Variation 6 (three lifts hopping) but turn 360 deg (bar 1 acw, bar 2 cw) during hops.
Source Tony Mounter (who learnt it from 'heli' in Walberswick who probably learnt it from Yves Moreau possibly via Laura Shannon) in Ipswich, UK, in 2013 and Jaap Leegwater at the 2006 Balkan Festival in Zetten, the Netherlands.
Date Written 2020-4-6 to 2020-4-13. Typo correction 2020-4-18. More about sources 2020-5-16 & 2020-11-24.

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