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Region Armenia
Formation Short lines with leader on the right. Fortress hold with fingers interlaced or close V-hold.
Dance Structure Short sequence repeated throughout the music.
Music Structure 8 counts/bar, 2 bars/phrase.
Whole Sequence (Usual Styling) To the R in a (Triple Step, (drop into L across infront, R) x 1.5), double hop, R side, L touch close. 7 steps back swivelling toes out syncopated, R stamp touch close.
Bozigian 1978 Styling As Usual Styling but commence L across infront in previous count, lift R in L hops, swivel feet further, don't stamp final R touch.
Bozigian 2005 Styling As Usual Styling but move diagonally outwards in the Triple Step, R forwards instead side, kick forwards instead swivelling feet, flick foot up behind before the stamp.
Bozigian 2011 Styling As Bozigian 2005 Styling but diagonally inwards in Triple Step, R side instead of forwards, L touch infront and no flick behind before the stamp.
Source Dalila Heath (who learnt it from Tom Bozigian) at the 2001 Eastbourne International Folk Festival. Tom Bozigian's 2005 version from his session at Doe Dans 2005 in The Netherlands. Tom Bozigian's 2011 version from his Balkanplus/Akhtamar day class in London 2011. Tom Bozigian's 1978 version (which he learnt from Jimmy Haboian in Detroit in the early 1960s) from his notes which were distributed in the Hilel Dance Group class in Hatfield, UK, 1978, via Frances Horrocks, former SIFD head, in 2008.
Date Written 2002/7/21. Updated 2005/9/20, 2007/8/29, 2008/7/13, 2008/7/21 & 2011/4/19.

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