Trans Balkan Express

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Dance Structure Short sequence repeated throughout the music.
Formation Circle. V-hold.
Music Structure 4 counts/bar, mostly 4 bars/phrase.
Music Speed 110 counts/min.
Choreographer [Unknown].
Music 'Trans Balkan Express' by OMFO (Our Man from Odessa, German Popov).
Source Mary Barton at St. Albans Circle Dance, UK on 2020-02-24.

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A simple dance with fast pounding feeling (but is not actually fast) due to the music which is unusual - being an Electronica & Balkan folk fusion.

It crosses the music. The sequence takes 10 counts but the music is in 4 count bars (which, mostly, are 4 bar phrases).

Style: Happy. All travelling steps are striding walks. Relentless feel.


Summary: 6 chords.

The music starts with quiet rapid drumming. Then there are 6 spaced out slow chords. Then the melody starts. Start dancing with the melody start.

Whole sequence.

Summary: Walk R & L back out diagonally R. R Triple Step on the spot facing centre. Grapevine R starting L across infront. L Triple Step in diagonally R.

Start Positioned inward of the main circle in preparation for stepping backwards. Facing the centre of the circle. Weight on R ft. V-hold.
1 Having turned to face 45 deg acw of the direction to the centre of the circle, R backwards (which is diagonally outwards).
2 L backwards likewise.
3 Turning to face the centre of the circle, R close.
& L in place.
4 R in place.
5 L across in front.
6 R to the side.
7 L across behind
8 R to the side. (Together with the previous 3 steps, this comprises a Grapevine.)
9 Having turned to face 45 deg cw of the direction to the centre of the circle, L forwards (which is diagonally inwards).
& R close.
10 L forwards.