Cotswold Notes: Bampton: Bampton Sidesteps


(All facing up. Lhop + RFA + LI + RS [1 bar] whilst saluting once Rh during the RFA + LI. Then Rhop + LI + RI + LI [1 bar] whilst raising both hankies vertically infront during the Rhop then lowering them during the subsequent LI whilst turning 180 deg acw to face down. Repeat all that facing down but with the footwork [but not the hand action] of the 2nd bar replaced with an FTJ turning ready for what follows if necessary. Then a Half Hey on the Sides [4 bars].) x 2 to place.


Lagabag Morris use a tune called ‘Ferret’s Fancy’ instead of the traditional tune.

Tune Variation

This can be danced to the carol Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. Note that the jump of the FTJ in the Basic comes after, not on, the distinctive strong end beat of the phrase. [Origin = Lagabag invention for a carol service performance when Adderbury Bethlehem was found to be too boring.]

Source of Information

Learnt as part of Lagabag Morris’s dance repertoire.

Further Information

This page only contains features specific to this dance. Where not specified, the features of this dance are in common with other dances in this tradition.

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