Cotswold Notes: Bampton: Country Gardens


Odds face up, evens face down. Dancer 1 sidesteps across starting with the inside foot [i.e. LS + RC + LS + Lhop] waving leading hankie high ending on the evens side facing dancer 2 [1 bar]. Both sidestep starting with inside foot [so 1 facing up starts R foot, 2 facing down starts L foot] waving leading hankies high ending on evens side. Continue in like manner gaining a dancer [3 then 4 then 5 then 6] each time until all are dancing [4 bars] but on the last time only go to half way across [this means that dancer 6 does not dance much at all in the Chorus!]. Return to places using two (step + hop) x 2 backwards and Foot Together Jump. Full Hey.


End the final Round with All In.

Alternative Steps

I have also this danced (at an Ale) identically The Rose Tree.

Source of Information

Learnt as part of Lagabag Morris’s dance repertoire.

Further Information

This page only contains features specific to this dance. Where not specified, the features of this dance are in common with other dances in this tradition.

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