Cotswold Notes: Bucknell: Queen's Delight


Corner dance, 3 couples.


Two hankies.


(Ax2+Bx3)x6. A is 4 bars & B is 8 bars. The tempo in B increases slightly for the crossing in capers and greatly slows for the Star Jump bars.


Foot Up | Stepping Ch | Hey Down | Stepping Ch | Face to Face | Up-2-3s Ch | Hey Down | Capers Ch | Back to Back into Line | Star Jumps Ch | Hey Down | Star Jumps Ch with shout [ending with] Up, Down, Out and In.

Stepping Chorus

Done by each of the corner pairs in turn. Sidestep R with salute [1 bar]. Ditto L. Cross passing partner Rsh, turn cw and come in to meet face-to-face in centre using the 4 Bucknell Triple Steps [4 bars total]. Then do an Up-2-3 [start Rft; if partners differ then they will kick each other] & 2 capers [2 bars total] on the spot.

Swap places with partner during this. There is not any time provided to get back to the sides in the chorus [moving far backwards in the capers without falling over is difficult!] but the middle couple ends up almost on the sides and the others have time to walk back afterwards.

Up-2-3s Chorus

Like Stepping Chorus but with the 4 Bucknell Triple Steps replaced with Up-2-3s. It helps if the last Lhop of the sidestepping is omitted.

Capers Chorus

Like Stepping Chorus but with the 4 Bucknell Triple Steps replaced with small quick capers [which look rather like rope-skipping].

Star Jumps Chorus

Like Stepping Chorus but replace the 1st 2 Bucknell Triple Steps with moves containing Star Jumps: RB crouching as if to start a sprint but with arms straight out to the sides [1 beat]; stand up LI; walk forward RF + LC [standing & walking are each half a beat but it is still slow because the music goes very slow here; leaves half a beat to prepare for jump] bringing arms down to sides; Star Jump [1 beat]. Repeat that combination but starting LB. The first Star Jump should have been directly infront of opposite corner person. The music is slowed for this star jumping bit.

On the first jump of the second Star Jump Chorus, shout.

Variation 1

Instead of R sidesteps at the beginning of the Ch, do L sidesteps. Needs a fudge to get on the correct ft for the rest of the Ch.

Variation 2

Instead of open R sidesteps at the beginning of the Ch, do closed sidesteps.

Variation 3

Instead of having the hankies go onto the shoulders when they come up in the Bucknell Step, have them go up vertically like normal.

Variation 4

When the arms go out sideways in the Basic, do them gently not whipped.

Variation 5

In the Capers Ch, do a 2 more Capers instead of the Up-2-3 at the end.

Variation 6

In the Up-2-3s Ch, do another Up2-3 instead of the 2 Capers at the end.


Getting on a different foot to one’s corner in Ch or doing a different Ch ending is likely to result in someone being kicked. Unfortunately the number of variations of the Ch available makes this quite likely!

Source of Information

Learnt as part of Lagabag Morris’s dance repertoire.

Further Information

This page only contains features specific to this dance. Where not specified, the features of this dance are in common with other dances in this tradition.

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