Cotswold Notes: Cotswold Morris General Instructions: Miscellaneous Terminology


A team of Morris dances. Also known as a ‘group’, a ‘team’ etc.. Usually each group has a distinctive name, clothing & logo.


An X-shape decorative item of clothing, looking like two sashes crossing each other, typically in side colours with the side logo in the middle.


A gathering of multiple Morris sides to dance together informally [i.e. without an audience]. It is a bit like a barn dance except that the dances are Morris and there is usually no instruction but hopefully enough of the dancers there will know a particular dance that the rest can follow or bluff.


The commonest Morris music instrument. Can be confusing when talking to people who are not familiar with English folk dance or music because there several other types of instrument also called ‘Melodeon’ [with various spellings]. Its full name is, pedantically, “a two-row D & G tuned diatonic push-button single-action accordion”!

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