Cotswold Notes: Headington: Common Features


3 couples, longways set.


(Ax2+Bx2)x3+Ax2. A is 4 bars & B is 8 bars.


Double Foot Up | Ch | Face to Face | Ch | Back to Back | Ch | Whole Hey [ending with] Caper x 3 , All Up & Show.


Two triple steps [1 bar each] forwards then two step-hops backwards and a FTJ. During the step-hops, turn the heel of the raised foot inwards [like for a slipback].

Do the first Basic starting LF, the next starting RF.

Stick Use

If using two short sticks, whilst travelling forwards swing both sticks back and forth together [from approx. phi = 0 deg & theta = 180 deg to phi = 0 & theta = 90 deg], up on beat 1 and down on beat 2 . Although arms are straight in line with the sticks at both extreme positions, they do not swing up rigidly but slightly bend at the elbows as they come up until the hands are almost at shoulder level with elbows bent about 45 deg and sticks pointing horizontally forwards then the elbows straighten so as to give a forward pushing motion. Whilst travelling backwards, arms are stationary relaxed vertically down and sticks point out horizontally at theta = 90 deg, phi = ±90 deg.

Hanky Use

If using hankies, hold them in the Balloon / Parachute manner: holding all four corners of the hanky together in the fingertips allowing the middle to balloon out. Flick them forwards with the same arm movements as when using two short sticks whilst triple stepping; whipping them down sharply when lowering them. When step-hopping, rotate both hankies simultaneously in small close circles in a horizontal plane just above the head twice with hands approx. shoulder width apart [Rh one acw, Lh one cw, going forwards on the steps]. Hold hankies to chest for the Foot Together Jump.

Double Foot Up

(Up forwards then backwards to place in 1 Basic.) x 2.

Face to Face

Cross passing partner Rsh in one Basic turning cw in the middle to pass partner facing them and continue backwards into their place. Repeat to original place.

Back to Back

Pass Rsh on way across and Lsh on way back in 1 Basic. Repeat but switch Lsh and Rsh passing.

Whole Hey

A Hey on the Sides done in two basics [because the 2nd & 4th quarters are done going backwards, the end dancers need to turn 180 deg at the end of the 1st & 3rd quarters and continue; it is easiest if they go most of the way on the forward parts and the turn is done the easy way [if the slipback is to start sliding RB then this is acw].

Half Hey

Half a Whole Hey done in one Basic.


With sticks or hankies crossed in front above head but no clashing. [This should be done in the last bar by raising them into place on the second Caper, lowering them on the third Caper and raising them again into place whilst Capering into Show [though this subtlety usually gets forgotten about!].]

Further Information

This page only contains features specific to this tradition. Where not specified, the features of this tradition are in common with Cotswold Morris in general.

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