Cotswold Notes: Upton-upon-Severn: Common Features


3 couples, longways set.


Rounds | Ch 1 | Back to Back Rsh | Ch 2 | Back to Back Lsh | Ch 3 | Hey on the Ends | Ch 4 | Hey | Ch 5 | Rounds | Ch 6


Triple step but on the Lhop, hook Rft heel above Lft instep. Similarly with R & L interchanged. [This must be a gentle hook not a Scottish style knee-high one.]

If using hankies, then they go down on beat one & up on the hop.

All verses start by stepping onto the Lft.


The Rounds look neater if everyone times them the same. Lagabag’s timing [last time we agreed on one] is to travel backwards out into a circle during the first bar, turn to face around the circle dancing on the sport during the second bar and start travelling around the circle at the beginning of the third bar..

Back to Back

This only goes one way in a verse, i.e. pass F Rsh then B Lsh or F Lsh B Rsh not both in sequence, but takes as many steps as the commoner both ways one [a lot of the extra time is taken up in moving sideways between the forward & backwards parts].


A Hey on the Sides but it starts with the top dancers moving inwards [so tops and middles pass Lsh on evens side & Rsh on odds side].

Hey on the Ends [= Three Tops Hey]

Dap 1, 2 & 3 do a Hey at one end of the set whilst Dap 4, 5 & 6 do at the other (i.e. the middle dancers hey with the end couple on their left).


Upton-upon-Severn dances as normally danced are not as historically recorded. The Chigworth side began the practice of making them much more theatrical and differently sides have adapted them differently ever since. [Source of historical information & traditional versions = Mike.]

Further Information

This page only contains features specific to this tradition. Where not specified, the features of this tradition are in common with Cotswold Morris in general.

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