Cotswold Notes: Upton-upon-Severn: Upton-upon-Severn Hanky Dance [aka Ones & Sixes]


Omit Ch 6.

Note that this is not a transcription mistake, it really only has 5 choruses not the 6 that would nicely and symmetrically finish rotating the set back to its starting orientation. The Rounds at the end hides this misalignment.


A non-traditional tune known as ‘Captain Nemo’.

The tune has an interesting history that starts with a folk tune from Sussex published the 'Sussex Tune Book' as 'Captain Lanoe's Quick March'. It was rearranged for a play by Derek Shaw who was in a Ceilidh band in 1982 and renamed 'Captain Nemo'. From there it was published by Jack Brothwell in his 'Follow the Band' music book and renamed as 'Captain Lemo'. The route is then uncertain but got to be used by Owlswick Morris as a Morris dance tune. From there Richard Davies took it to Lagabag Morris. Later musicians for Lagabag and neighbouring Morris sides accidentally renamed it back to 'Captain Nemo'.

This history came to light when I published these notes to Lagabag's version of the Upton-upon-Severn Hankie dance on the WWW, including the comment that the tune 'Captain Nemo' was used, whence Derek Shaw spotted it.


(A+B)x5+A. A & B are each 8 bars.


2 hankies.

Chorus (all)

4 basics on the spot then a small acw solo circle on the floor in 4 basics. Everyone does it at the same time.

At the start of each chorus, rearrange the set by having Pap1 & Pap6 moving towards each other to form the new centre couple and the pairs on the sides become end couples. [A set with sides numbered 1,3,5 and 2,4,6 becomes 2,1,3 and 4,6,5 with the axis of the set rotated about 60 deg cw. Neighbours around the set do not change.]


Replace last 2 bars of Rounds with 4 Capers turning 360 deg acw ending all in a circle facing in for Show with Rft raised.


The original version was like this Lagabag one without the set turning. At the ending of doing it through once, the set is turned 60 deg and the whole dance is repeated once more from that position. [Source = Mike.]

End Variation

Turn to face in 2 Capers & do the last 2 Capers on the spot instead of slowly turning in 4.

Source of Information

Learnt as part of Lagabag Morris’s dance repertoire.

Further Information

This page only contains features specific to this dance. Where not specified, the features of this dance are in common with other dances in this tradition.

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