Flapjack Experiment


I cooked samples of 15 samples of flapjack at different combinations of time and temperature and found that the same flapjack ingredients in the same proportion could be used to make both moist and crunchy flapjack cakes and that the ideal settings for these were 175 deg C (Gas Mark 4) and 190 deg C (Gas Mark 5) for 25 to 30 minutes respectively.

My resulting flapjack recipe is written up in detail on a separate page.


I made up some flapjack by mixing rolled oats into melted margarine, golden syrup & sugar in the following proportions

Rolled oats 250 g
Margarine 150 g
Golden syrup 75 g
Sugar 75 g

I then divided it into 15 sample in paper fairy-cake cases and baked them on different shelves of the same oven at the same time to get 3 different temperatures (according to the oven's manual, the top would be 1 Gas Mark higher & the bottom 1 Gas Mark lower than the temperature set with the controls) and removed them at intervals to get different times.

I did not calibrate the oven so please try a sample in your oven, if you are using my findings, before making a big batch.



  Cooking Time / s
18 22 26 30 35
Temperature / Gas Mark 4 golden wheat
5 old gold slightly caramelised
6 slightly caramelised almost caramelised caramelised burnt


  Cooking Time / s
18 22 26 30 35
/ Gas Mark
4 moist
5 inbetween dry
6 dry


  Cooking Time / s
18 22 26 30 35
/ Gas Mark
4 falls apart inbetween chewy
5 crunchy brittle
6 brittle


A photograph of 15 small flapjack cakes in fariy-cake cases arrange in 3 rows & 5 columns by temperature & cooking time respectively showing the different colours. The colours are also described as text in a table above.

More Information

See the resulting recipe page for more detail.