Sachertorte Basis Recipe

This is the recipe (sent to me by a friend of a friend) that I based the detailed Sachertorte recipe on:

here, finally, is the recipe for Sachertorte, according to the "Sacher-Kochbuch", _the_ authority on traditional Austrian cooking:

Slightly warm 110g butter and whip with 110g powder sugar and a touch of vanilla extract until foamy. Mix in 6 egg yolks (slowly) and 130g prewarmed chokolate (preferably dark). Whip 6 egg whites almost stiff, then whip in 110g sugar to full stiffness and carefully add the whites to the dough. Equally carefully, add 130g flour. Bake at 170 degrees C, keeping the door of the oven slightly open (about 1 inch) for 12-15 minutes, then bake with the door closed for 1h. the cake is done when you get a slight "response" upon touching the surface with your finger. Now let the cake cool in the form, first for 20 minutes turned upside down, then the right way round until it is completely cooled. Only then you should take the cake out of the form.

Now halve it horizontally and cover the top and bottom of each half lightly with prewarmed apricot jam, put the halves together and cover the sides of the cake with jam. Let dry and put chocolate glacing on.

For the glacing: Boil 200g sugar in 125 ml water for 5-6 minutes and let cool partially, then add 150g softened chocolate and mix thoroughly until you get a viscous, homogeneous mass. For the glacing, it is important that the chocolate mass has the right temperature before you apply it to the cake. We call it "lip-warm"; I hope you can make sense of that temperature. If the temperature is too high, the cake won't glisten and if it is to low, the glazing will not dry well. The cookbook says that if you let a little bit of chocolate run over the backside of a spoon, approximately 4 mm of glacing should remain. Then the temperature is correct.

Alright - that's about it. Have fun!

It tasted delicious but getting the viscousity of the sugar solution correct was very difficult so I cheated with golden syrup instead. With that and a few other optimisations & rounding off of quantities, it became the detailed recipe for Sachertorte.