Party Food Recipes

Here are some recipes. They are rather more detailed, precise & optimized for speed than typical cookery-book ones. This is partly because I am impatient, partly because I get bored repeating trial-and-error cookery and partly because my training is in physics, maths & chemistry not in cookery.

The reason for my writing up of these recipes is that I often make food, particularly cakes, for parties whereupon I get asked for the recipes. I had also hoped that, by giving away the recipes, I would not get asked so often to make cakes, and could make something different for a change. That did not work. I still get asked duplicate the cakes!

The most popular with friends whom I have them on are the Sachertorte (delicious) and the the Alcoholic Chocolate Freezer Cake (alcoholic) but the most popular page on my whole site for years has been, disappointingly, the Flapjack (easy to make) recipe.

Cakes Recipes



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Warning: these are not very healthy foods. They were chosen for enjoyment not for nutrition and should not make up a substantial proportion of ones diet. That is because the recipes I've been asked for are only those of the food I have taken to parties.