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(On the web since year 2000 & still going. Last updated 2024/5/8.)

A small but eclectic collection of miscellaneous information that might be of use or of interest to someone somewhere, possibly.

Sections: Dance, Food, Artwork, Academia, Computer Info', Computer Programs, Photography Advice, Misc things which don't fit anywhere else.


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Does this page style look too bland to you? Or too traditionally made only of pages that were static on the server? The purpose of this site is to provide useful and entertaining information so I have deliberately put not many unnecessary graphics or gimmicks on this site (other than artwork pages where the graphics and gimmicks are the core material of course), just the information.

Originally web sites were mostly plain text, similar to this one, but when I created this site in year 2000 the fashion was for lots of gimmicks & gaudy clutter. Even I, as part of my work, had made proof-of-concept and publicity demo websites that contained not just gratuitous graphics, hideous backgrounds and movement but even interaction with peripherals such as radio tag readers, video switches and room lighting controls! When social networking took off a couple of years later in the MySpace era, the visual clutter fashion peaked. After that, led by Google, the minimalist functional aesthetic came back somewhat. The current prevailing style is back to clutter but for commercial reasons - most personal web pages currently are published on a few massive platforms like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube which constrain the format for corporate branding, add loads of adverts for revenue & use Web 2.0 progressive downloading to keep viewers on a page. Once again my website is back to being unusual in its simple & clean style.

If you have any comments, or if you want to be notified of updates to this site, contact me.