Cotswold Morris Dancing Cheat Sheet

Version 50: 70 dances, 9 aliases, 13 traditions.

(Formats: to print, to print (compact), to read on-line, plain text (help separate), to read on Palm Pilot (help separate), source code.)

What is it?

It is a compact set of instructions for a number of Cotswold Morris Dances (a type of traditional English performance folk dancing) that I made as reminders for myself. I have put it on the WWW lest it is of use or of interest to anyone else.

The notes are fairly detailed for their length but do not have precise stylistic comments or timings because I wanted to keep them small enough to be read quickly as one gets up to dance. I later found this also enabled them to mostly fit on the screen of my Palm Pilot (a 1999 model Palm Vx - simple, robust & long battery life by modern standards). I make no guarantees as to the accuracy (these were all written down from life not from canonical reference books) and, anyway, there are many variations in how different teams dance particular dances (especially the Upton-upon-Severn Stick Dance!).

Lest you want more detail, I have also put my Cotswold Morris Dance Detailed Notes on the web but, be warned, they are very long & verbose compared to this.

Download for Printing

The most convenient form in which to read it in a hurry is from an old fashioned paper print out. Here it is for download if you want to print it out. For compactness it is best to print it in a fairly small font, four pages to a side and use both sides of the paper. That way the cheat sheet, including the help section, will fit on a single sheet of A4 paper. I also have it one page to a side (fits on 3 sheets of paper) lest your eyesight is not up to minute text.

It is available in PDF & HTML formats. The PDF version is better for printing as it is formatted into a compact double column format. It will need a PDF viewer (such as Adobe PDF Viewer, Okular, Evince, Ghostview or one built into a web browser). The HTML one is viewable in any web browser but is not as neatly formatted for printing.

For On-line Viewing

Download for Reading on a Palm Pilot (or Similar PDA)

A convenient way of carrying it for those occasional times when one finds oneself having to to do a bit of Morris dancing unexpectedly as you go about your other business is to have a copy in your smartphone or eBook reader. However I originally published this before the days of smartphones! Hence I used a PDA (electronic diary). Here, mainly for nostalgia, it is in Palm Pilot Doc format. The help file is separate to save having to scrolling through it when looking up a dance in a hurry.

Suitable 'eBook' viewing programs for the Palm Pilot include CSpotRun, Teal Doc, Rich Reader, etc.. It is best if you choose one that scans for bookmarks because all the dance & tradition names are bookmarked so you can jump directly to them. My favourite viewer is CSpotRun which is compact, easy to use, has a rotatable screen, has several different paging methods and is free.

Lest you have a PDA without a suitable reader or prefer to use some other format (such as a JFile or MobileDB data base), here are the plain ASCII text intermediate files from which the Palm Pilot Doc files were made. The '*'s mark the headings to become bookmarks.

Download as plain text

Source Code

Source code (text in RTF format, 'ReadMe' file explaining how to convert to other formats, HTML template & an HTML cleaner) in a zip archive so you can edit your own versions: