Cotswold Morris Dance Detailed Notes

74 dances & 8 aliases from 15 traditions

Version 90

(Formats: individual pages per dance, all on one page, to print or the source code.)

What is it?

It is a set of detailed instructions for a number of Cotswold Morris dances (a type of traditional English performance folk dancing) that I wrote when trying to learn them or as reference. I have put them on the WWW lest it is of use or of interest to anyone else. I make no guarantees as to the accuracy (these were all written down from life not from canonical reference books).

The notes are very long winded. My much shorter Cotswold Morris Dancing Cheat Sheet, which just contains summaries, might be of more use.

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The notes are available both as individual pages, one per dance, or all on one page:

Download for Printing

Lest you want to print out a paper copy (about 40 sides of A4 in double column smallish font), here it is. To save paper, print on both sides.

Source Code

Want to adapt to your own format? Do you have some other use for my single page HTML to multiple HTML pages Perl script? This 74 KiB source code download can be converted into all three of the above formats totalling 1000 KiB. System requirements: an unzipping program; a Perl interpreter; a wordprocessor that reads RTF; and a way of converting RTF to HTML (e.g. Microsoft Word 2000) and to PDF.